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Liv Kaplan

Liv is nutritionist and long-time client of Creath Creative. Together we have worked on photography, stop motion, a range of copy projects and eBook production to target her health and wellness audience.

For more, head to Liv’s website and Instagram.

Mogul and Esports Mogul

Mogul and Esports Mogul is a communications management and public relations client. Their business communication needs ranges from investor and consumer-focus on changing platforms.

Creath Creative - Mogul

Wholesome Child

Wholesome Child maximises web and content management services, teaming up with Creath Creative to plan strategic online content and eDMs to engage their audience across the website and social media platforms.

For more, head to the Wholesome Child website.

Creath Creative - Wholesome Child

I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar is a popular health platform and program, for which Creath Creative produced website copy, eDM and marketing content as well as food and lifestyle photography.

Creath Creative - I Quit Sugar


Hemple is a long-term food photography client with productions across website and social media content.

For more, head to the Hemple website and Instagram.

Botanic and Nectar

Botanic and Nectar teamed up with Creath Creative for photography and social media content production to launch their new range of raw treats in Sydney, Australia.

For more, head to the Botanic and Nectar Instagram.


Nuvia is a photography, copywriting and eBook production client, for which Creath Creative and nutritionist Liv Kaplan teamed up to created the eBook Simple Sugar-Free Lunchboxes.

For more, head to the Nuvia website and Instagram.

Peace, Love and Vegetables

Peace, Love and Vegetables is a photography and social media production client.

For more, head to the Peace, Love and Vegetables website and Instagram.

Soul Seed

Soul Seed is a photography and social media content production client.

For more, head to the Soul Seed website and Instagram.

Coco Tribe

Coco Tribe is a photography, stop motion and social media content production.

For more, head to the Coco Tribe website and Instagram.